Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hello Happiness

Hey there, folks! 
I am just quickly stopping in to share a Chic Tags Cloud 9 project with you. :)

You can read all about my process and find links to the products I used on the Chic Tags blog.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Go to Philadelphia!

Hey folks! 
I am stopping in real quick to share a layout I created using the new Chic Tags - Let's Go Collection

My project is posted on the Chic Tags blog today so you can stop over there for the full write up on my process and the supply list.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a Pintrest inspired post

I have a post up on the Maya Road DT Blog this week. 
Here's a peek of my project, but you'll have to stop over at the Maya Road DT Blog to get all the details.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The weather forcast for the next two weeks...

is its Raining Cats and Dogs according to reports from Paper Issues. Or maybe that's just the name of the new issue... either way, I've scrapped my fair share of puppy pictures. Here's a few of my favorites...

And technically, this one is about a movie about a dog... so that counts, right?

 Check out the other projects and link yours up HERE.

Friday, May 9, 2014

So there was this one time I made a card out of a coffee cup...

This week happens to be teacher appreciation week and I am on the committee at our school, that treats the teachers during this week. I created a couple cards for the different things going on throughout the week I will have to share those with you another day. Yesterday, my friends at Paper Issues posted a photo of my coffee cup card and that sparked a few requests/questions. So, I am here to hopefully answer some of those for you. :)

To start, I found this 3D Coffee Cup with Lid cut file by Jamie Cripps in the Silhouette Store. She has a fantastic tutorial posted HERE to help you put your cup together. I will go through the steps with you here as well, but just in case I missed a step while taking photos or my directions aren't so clear, you can check out her tutorial.

When you open the file its a very big file and it looks like this...

So you'll have the drag the file over to the right and down a bit so that it looks like the photo below, and send it to the Silhouette to cut. Don't worry, it will only cut the shapes that are pictured above the mat on your screen.

Then, you'll want to move your file over to the left far enough that the next set of cuts are over the mat. But before you cut... if you are interested in making "coffee" to go inside your cup like I did, you will want to copy and paste the long tabbed strip to the bottom of your mat like so...

Once all your cup shapes are ready to go, start with your main cup pieces. They are the big curved piece, the trim strips, and the bottom of the cup is a round tabbed piece.

Before I adhered any of the cup pieces together, I measured and marked  3/4-1in. down from the top edge, all the way across the cup body.

This is where I adhered the second large tabbed strip. I lined up the perforations with the markings on the cup. Since this shape is slightly rounded, I had to cut a few tabs along the bottom so that it could solidly adhere to the cup wall. There will be a bit of an overhang, don't adhere that piece just yet! Now, you will need to locate the end of the cup wall that has the perforated strip. ***This is not for bending! It is a mark for you to add your adhesive. Once you add your adhesive to the perforated end, pull your shorter ends together and adhere them, forming the walls of your cup. Don't forget to secure that loose end of the tabbed strip.

 Next, you will need to add adhesive to all the little tabs on the round die cut. I have found that glue dots work really well for this. Fold all of your tabs up and insert and adhere this to the bottom of the cup(tabs on the inside).

Now, your cup should look like this from the top, looking in...

 The perforated end of the shorter tab, works the same way, you don't want to bend it, just use it for a guide for your adhesive. Now, here's where I dropped the ball on photographing my steps. :( You should be able to figure it out, but if not, you have that link at the beginning of this post to refer to.

I added adhesive to the shorter tabs before putting it together because, well, I like to make things difficult. :P The shorter tabs are folded down, and adhered to one of the circles with the oblong hole near the edge(tabs on top of the circle die cut. Be sure to line the hole up with the shortest tabs before gluing it all down. The longer tabs get fed through the slots in the larger circle with slots(there is only one of these) It will look like the first pic below on one side, and the second pic below on the other...

I added a few more glue dots to the top, because we now have to adhere the matching circle to the top to hide the tabs. Before I did that, I used a Cocoa Daisy splatter stamp and some Jenni Bowlin Brown Sugar ink to add a little detail to the cup's lid. :)

Now you need to take the long tabbed strip, adhere it end to end again, and glue the last larger circle to the under side of the tabs like we did above. The little top hat piece that we have already created gets glued to the top of the larger piece. See below...

Now for the sleeve and "coffee"
I set up my mat so that it will cut both things at once, so here is what my mat looked like to accommodate the two different pieces.

I cut my brown circles about 3.3-3.4 in. 3.5 was just a bit too big for my cup but you may have to play around with the sizing to get it right for you.

And as for the sleeve, you can cut it from any patterned paper you'd choose, but I wanted mine to look like notebook paper. I didn't have any patterned paper like that, so I created my own.  I used a ruler and a grid to help me get my blue lines straight, then I added the little red stripe and I punched a hole, just for fun. :)

Again, the perforations are just the guidelines for your adhesives. And just a tip, you really want to use something with a good hold. You don't want this to fall apart!

The last thing for me was the "coffee". I wrote my message on my circles it before adhering it to those tabs we put in the top of the cup a few steps back.

So there you go! A card created from a coffee cup. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!