Friday, January 17, 2014

Chalkboard Globe

Happy Friday, to you! 
I am so soo very excited to share my chalkboard globe with you today. 
One of my assignments for the Maya Road Booth was to "make something into a chalkboard". I had been dying to alter one of my globes for quite a while so it seemed like the obvious choice. I started out with a brightly colored, flat globe (without the elevation bumps/ridges) because I wanted it to be an easy surface to write on. I then, chose a phrase to cut out in vinyl with my Cameo. The font is called Arsenale White.  And this is how it looked pre-paint...

I loved the way this looked and I really didn't want to mess up this beautiful globe, but I had to press on despite my fears. From this point, I made sure that the vinyl was stuck down really, really well, I taped off all the metal, primed the globe, and gave it a few coats of chalkboard paint before removing the vinyl and painters tape. I decorated the base and added a sweet little plane to the top and this is how it turned out...

I can't wait for it to return to me. I have just the spot in my dining room for it. 

You can find a complete supply list for this project in my post on the Maya Road DT Blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. No way!!! That is just plain fabulous!

  2. THis is such a perfect project! Awesome!!!

  3. LOVE!! Super clever and beautifully executed!

  4. Oh heavens, this is absolutely awesome!! I love the colors peeking out from behind the black. So cool.

  5. Awesome! If you ever sell the vinyl and mail I would be interested i purchasing. Thanks, Jenna

  6. This is beautiful!! Great idea!

  7. This DIY Chalkboard Globe is so creative!I love its pattern!Thank you for sharing this tutorial!DIY tutorial.