Friday, July 26, 2013

My new and improved scrap room!

Just in case you missed my post up on the Cocoa Daisy blog earlier this week, here it is!! 

Some of you may know that my husband and I bought a house back in May, so I have had the pleasure of setting up a new room, all to myself. In our old home, I was set up in the back of the family room, this had many conveniences, but I have always dreamed of having a dedicated room to slip away to when I wanted to create. And now, I have it! I am very excited to share, so lets get started! 
I'll begin with the back wall, this is where my IKEA Expedit is. I store the majority of my albums, paper, punches and knick knacks in this large book shelf.
expedit 1

 Here are a few closer looks at the shelves. My albums and (most) of my punches. There is another white drawer full of punches in the tv cart. *blushing* 

expedit 2

This white drawer contains tools and liquid adhesives. The space next to it houses my giant stash of buttons in some pretty milk glass containers. 

expedit 4

 Most of my paper is filed away in these paper bins, separated by manufacturer. 

expedit 5

The other side of the bookcase holds books and magazines I have had the pleasure of being published in, some of my typewriters, art markers/gelatos/colored pencils, cards I've made, photos to-be-scrapped... 

expedit 7

The desk that is attached is used for cutting with my Cameo or sewing projects, and at the end of the desk I have a little shelf that I painted and re-purposed for my stamp storage, my Cuttlebug, and dies. 

stamp storage 1

As I stated above, the desk attached to this isn't where I do my scrapping, so lets move over to that area... 

desk 1

This desk was purchased at IKEA too, and I paid the extra money to get the adjustable legs so that I could have this surface set higher, at a standing height. Under the desk, I have some carts. The one on the left is full of tiny bits like brads and loose rhinestones sorted by color, as well as loose die cuts, ephemera, small alterables and such. The right cart is full of stamping and embossing supplies. The basket to the left of the desk is where I keep my old kits, bagged up for digging through while I'm working. On top of my desk is the mother of all carousels... 

desk 2

This beast holds my adhesives, tools I use frequently, wood veneers, flair, washi tapes and whatever I like to have close at hand but not cluttering up my desk. On the wall above my table is a calendar to keep myself straight, and a wall pocket that holds all of my cardstock alphabet sheets. I like to have them handy when I need to add a tiny title or sometimes journaling. The wall opposite the giant expedit is a dresser full of goodies... 

dresser 1

On the top, I have another typewriter, my wireless printer, my record player, and some knick knacks. The top drawer holds office supplies, my mists and some paints... 

dresser 3

The second drawer holds my Maya Road stuff, sorted by type. 

dresser 4

I will spare you the horrors of the bottom drawer, it has become quite the "junk drawer". Besides, I am super excited to share my closets with you! Yes, I did say that in plural. I was absolutely THRILLED to find that this room had 2 closets! So, the first closet, we took the door off, hung up some peg board on the back wall and now its become a bit of a super center for my supplies. It holds my Thickers, trims, unopened embellishments, and baskets full of twines/trims. The black carts hold more paper, seasonal embellishments, my chalk edgers, and paper scraps. Sitting on top of those are my latest kits and way above on the top shelf is my acrylic paints, Cameo stuff and a box of yarn. 

closet 1 1

 closet 1 2
 Oh this same wall, next to the closet, my husband kindly hung a vintage chalkboard for me. 

And last but not least, the closet hiding back in the corner, is now a home for my fabrics and larger odds and ends. 

closet 2

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of my scrap space. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Mandy!
    I just found you via Pinterest. So glad I did! I have to say, your drawer of punches is so much better than my system of buckets. I need a drawer! ;) I also use a shoe rack but I've got more punches than can fit on it. Two thumbs up to the peg board in the back of your closet. THAT IS GENIUS and would solve so many problems for me. Thanks for posting your tour!